Ramble Ride


What do you get when you spend 3 days riding a bike in the wilds of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains? Aside from chaffing, you get the New Belgium Ramble Ride. Spanning almost 200 miles, crossing over 4 mountain ranges with over 19,000 feet of overall elevation gain, the Ramble Ride takes those who dare to ride from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs.

The Ramble Ride isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s every man and woman for themselves.

This year, we followed three riders across the three-day ride, experiencing the pain, joy and excitement through their eyes. From their history with bike packing, to the challenges something like the Ramble Ride presents, we set out to show just how far something as simple as a bike can take you.


Day 1 | Amanda

Day 2 | Mary

Day 3 | Bussmann

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Photo Credit: Devon Balet



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